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Most common hardware fixings are available from SIS in various composites, although it is our threaded rod and nuts that continues to replace more traditional materials throughout Australia, North America and Europe than any other product. SISCo-FC™ threaded rod is manufactured using only premium grade vinyl ester (VE) resins and UV inhibitors. Pulltrusion results in the production and supply of one of the world’s strongest and most durable fixing products available today.

SISCo-FC™ Flanged Hex Nuts are manufactured from Isoplast 40% long glass fibre engineering thermoplastic polyurethane resin via a wind out moulding process. These resins are high strength, chemical resistant resins that combine the toughness and dimensional stability of amorphous resins with the chemical resistance of crystalline materials.

Features of SISCo-FC™ Flanged Hex Nuts and Threaded Rod Are:

  • High Strength;
  • Corrosion Resistant to Many Chemicals;
  • Light Weight – Weighs Nearly 80% Less than Steel;
  • Electrically Non Conductive;
  • Non Metallic;
  • Provides a Lower Life Cycle Cost;
  • Non Leaching;
  • Dimensionally Stable.

Full catalogue containing technical specifications, pricing and all other relevant product information can be downloaded via the ‘General Downloads’ tab above.

Colours are Dark Grey and Light Grey. Maximum threaded rod length is 2440mm. Minimum pack order quantities apply. Contact SIS customer service on [email protected] or 1300 26 10 74 for further information and pricing.


Associated Categories

  • Civil Infrastructure

  • Building and Construction

  • Oil & Gas

  • Mining

  • Aquaculture

  • Marine & Ports

  • Transport & Logistics

  • Agriculture

  • Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)