FRP Composite / WPC Boardwalks

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The increasing awareness of human impact on our environment means boardwalks are being built in areas such as marshlands, riverbanks, mangroves, and sand dunes in an effort to minimise the impact. These sites by their very nature are sensitive and construction methods need to do minimal damage during the works.

SIS boardwalks are of simple design and / or modern modulated FRP / WPC construction.  Consideration to the type of interface connection between the fragile environment and structure is an important consideration when assessing suitability and costs. Screwpiles are favoured by SIS and have a pier element which can be incorporated in the overall design to provide quick and cost effective methods of construction.  Where boardwalk designers require a different look we provide for purpose-designed connecting head bracket or plates.

A boardwalks ground conditions often consist of loose silty peaty soils which have limited end bearing (load) capacity at shallow depths, this combined with corrosion protection are primary design issues for us. Except where cantilevered designs are incorporated design dead loads are generally low.  Allowances for live loads will vary depending on the intended use.

Boardwalk locations are generally steep, muddy or wet.  All require special installation approaches to ensure the area is not disturbed beyond a specified level.  Screwpile versatility and the numerous installation options allow screwpiles to be installed at difficult sites such as steep gradients and waterways.


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