InfraCore® FRP Composite Road Bridges 60t Load Limit

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In most cases a bridge designed, engineered, supplied and installed by SIS consists of sustainable materials with a design life of 100 years plus. This means that when the stakeholder decides to install an SIS bridge it will be there for generations to come. SIS uses clever design and superior materials to provide both the public and private sectors with cost effective solutions in Australia and beyond. 

SIS offers its clients sustainable materials right down to green star rated concrete and recycled rubber pads that separate the structure and abutment. Traditionally SIS swale bridges do not accommodate hand rails but can be simply added as per client requirements – bike-way compliant handrails are required when the full height is greater than 250mm from ground level. Clever and innovative design allows swale bridges from SIS to withstand greater than nominal flood loads.

The team at SIS responsible for the design and construction of these products were pioneers in the introduction of recycled plastic and WPC components for use in these types of structures. Given the range of world class sustainable materials available to any potential client of SIS we can use the composite material that best suits the bridges component, for example – we don’t have to use one material for the entire structure. FRP is traditionally used for bearers and joists (if required) given their high strength to weight ratio and WPC for decking and any handrail system requirements. SIS’s innovative fibre composite brackets and fixings complete any structure and allow the client a virtually maintenance free asset to remain in place for 100 plus years.


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