Monthly Archives: November 2013

SIS Builds Relationship with Global FRP Leader

Today our Director – Products & Structures Mr Nick Wotton has welcomed to Australia Mr Tom Carlson, Manager – Offshore Markets at Strongwell Corporation Inc (USA). Today marks the beginning of a new global partnership between SIS and Strongwell Corporation.


Strongwell is the world’s largest pultrusion company and the recognized leader in the pultrusion industry. Strongwell has pultruded fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite structural products since 1956 and today offers unequaled capacity, versatility and flexibility to meet the needs of its customers and allied partners.


Strongwell has been manufacturing high quality fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) products using “the continuous automatic process” (today known as “pultrusion”). Today, with three manufacturing locations, 65+ pultrusion machines and more than 645,000 square feet of manufacturing space.