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SISCO-FC FRP Fixings Supplied to Geoscience Australia, Macquarie Island – Sub Antarctic

SISCO-FC FRP Fixings for Geoscience Australia, Macquarie Island – Sub Antarctic


After rigorous sample testing, SIS have supplied Geoscience Australia in conjunction with the Australian Antarctic Division with a shipment of SISCo-FC FRP Fixings, that included large diameter threaded rod, hexagonal flanged nuts and accessories. Geoscience Australia has a magnetic observatory (making it mandatory that our materials were 100% non ferrous) on the island and undertakes seismological measurements and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency has a radionuclide station installed to detect nuclear explosions and the illegal release of toxic gases present into the atmosphere.


The Antarctic division’s website describes the station as an “important global monitoring location for scientific research, including monitoring southern hemisphere climatic data.”


Ecologist Melissa Houghton has been going to Macquarie Island since 2010 and continues work on projects there. “The contribution of Macquarie Island in terms of science is just enormous,” she said. “Macquarie Island is one of the world’s natural wonders, it is a magic place – people who have been down there are very passionate about it. “It’s raw. The place is literally a piece of the Earth’s crust thrust out of the ocean and you’ve got these giant petrels wheeling about like pterodactyls. It’s primordial. Every day is a tempest. You just feel so alive, so lucky.”