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SIS – InfraCore FRP Deck on Motorway Bridge, The Netherlands

It is important in road infrastructure to deliver projects in a timely manner, so that the disruption to motorists is minimised.


Road bridges can be particularly problematic, due to their traditionally long construction time.


SIS – FiberCore® has addressed this problem with an innovative solution: pre-fabricated, lightweight bridges and bridge decks, which can be easily transferred to site and installed in a matter of hours.


This 142 meter long bridge over the Dutch A27 motorway was equipped with SIS – InfraCore® Inside technology – a fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) system. The entire bridge deck was made up of 7 pre-fabricated elements, which were manufactured off-site. The use of pre-fabricated FRP elements on the bridge meant that it was 3 x lighter than if concrete and steel had been used, and was installed in less than 48 hours.


Sustainable Infrastructure Systems are currently undertaking projects using FiberCore® bridges, which has offered current and future clients the ability to access this innovative technology. Not only does pre-fabrication reduce installation times, it also minimises on-site construction risk and provides more reliability in cost predictions. The use of InfraCore® FRP also means that the structures are lightweight, have a very long life span and are largely maintenance free.

SIS – Silver Sponsor of the 9th Australian Small Bridges Conference

SIS is proud to be hosting Mr Jan Kroon (General Manager, FiberCore Europe) and Dr Martijn Veltkamp (Senior Design Engineer, FiberCore Europe) at the 9th Australian Small Bridges Conference to be held at the Surfers Paradise Marriott, Queensland on 1st-2nd of April, 2019.


SIS is a Silver Sponsor of the event and Dr Veltkamp, along with Mr Nick Wotton, SIS Director – Structures, will be delivering a presentation at the conference on FRP single element large span bridges.


You can read more about and register to attend the Small Bridges Conference at

Case Study – Dubai Desert Golf Club – SIS FiberCore FRP Bridges

When the time came for the developers and designers of the brand new Dubai Desert Golf Club to select and specify the required bridges, they made the best choice currently available in the world today. Our maintenance-free, clear span single element FRP bridges offer an excellent alternative to traditional offerings such timber, steel or concrete. The reduced weight of our structures also limits the costs associated with transport and lifting and also presents cost savings in abutments and civil works.


It is no wonder that some of the 700 SIS FiberCore FRP bridges installed worldwide find themselves located on some of the top courses in the world, such as the Dubai Desert Golf Club.