Monthly Archives: May 2021

Lightweight FRP Pedestrian Bridge with Service Ducts Inbuilt

Soon to be manufactured in Adelaide Australia, this lightweight FRP bridge was delivered to site and lifted into place using a crane truck with little effort by Lifespan Structures in the UK. Pre-fabricated offsite, the design incorporated service ducts which were encapsulated within the deck keeping clean lines and a very neat soffit. The new FRP structure replaces a steel and timber hybrid bridge, which had reached the end of its service life. The river environment had caused significant corrosion of the steel, and the timber elements were a regular maintenance issue for the client. Built to last more than 100 years and guaranteed for 50 years, FiberCore Infracore composite footbridges are rapidly becoming the product of choice for decision makers in the infrastructure sector. Kudos to the team at LifeSpan Structures UK & FiberCore Europe.

Soon to be Made in Adelaide – FRP Infrastructure of the Future

Soon to be manufactured in Adelaide, to service the wider Australian, New Zealand and Oceanic markets the revolutionary InfraCore FRP structures represent the infrastructure of the future. Two ultra-slim FiberCore bridges were installed in South-East Amsterdam last week. The bridges are 32 metres in length, 4.5 metres wide and are have a thickness of only 30cm. Each bridge has a custom FRP slim-line pier.  The huge advantages in off-site pre-fabrication allows for extraordinary fast installation times, minimises on-site construction risk and provides more reliability in cost predictions. The use of InfraCore® FRP also means that the structures are lightweight, have a very long life span and are largely maintenance free.