SIS – InfraCore FRP Deck on Motorway Bridge, The Netherlands

0 Comments | February 21, 2019

It is important in road infrastructure to deliver projects in a timely manner, so that the disruption to motorists is minimised.


Road bridges can be particularly problematic, due to their traditionally long construction time.


SIS – FiberCore® has addressed this problem with an innovative solution: pre-fabricated, lightweight bridges and bridge decks, which can be easily transferred to site and installed in a matter of hours.


This 142 meter long bridge over the Dutch A27 motorway was equipped with SIS – InfraCore® Inside technology – a fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) system. The entire bridge deck was made up of 7 pre-fabricated elements, which were manufactured off-site. The use of pre-fabricated FRP elements on the bridge meant that it was 3 x lighter than if concrete and steel had been used, and was installed in less than 48 hours.


Sustainable Infrastructure Systems are currently undertaking projects using FiberCore® bridges, which has offered current and future clients the ability to access this innovative technology. Not only does pre-fabrication reduce installation times, it also minimises on-site construction risk and provides more reliability in cost predictions. The use of InfraCore® FRP also means that the structures are lightweight, have a very long life span and are largely maintenance free.


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