Introducing SIS StructuralComp® FRP Reinforcement Bar

0 Comments | December 3, 2020

SIS StructuralComp® FRP Reinforcement Bar is a durable continuously pultruded FRP reinforcement bar manufactured from vinyl ester resin and E glass fibres to provide a high strength, inert reinforcement bar for use in reinforcement of concrete elements subjected to highly corrosive environments. FRP reinforcement is not corrosive and allows the concrete cover to be minimised which reduces the weight and cost of the concrete elements. When used as a reinforcement system, SIS StructuralComp® FRP is a Glass-Fibre Reinforced Plastic continuously threaded reinforcing mesh which forms a high load-carrying capacity used to provide tensile strength and crack control to structural concrete elements. Advantages of SIS StructuralComp® FRP Reinforcement Bar include light product weight and easy handling, no onsite ‘hot works’, 100-year design life, high tensile and shear strength and it is very economical. Contact us today for a product brochure, product sample or to speak with a product specialist!


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