SIS Supplier FiberCore Europe Manufactures 1000th FRP Bridge

0 Comments | May 20, 2020

FiberCore Europe Manufactures 1000th FRP Bridge – A special moment in the development of prefabricated #FRP bridges: the 1000th prefabricated FRP bridge with InfraCore® Inside by FiberCore Europe has been ordered. The bridge represents a milestone in the young history of FRP as a construction material for the construction of bridges. FiberCore was at the cradle of this revolutionary development. 1000 bridges is a milestone that SIS has assisted FiberCore Europe in achieving as these revolutionary structures have been shipped to all corners of the globe including #Australia. With each project, FiberCore took a step closer to the recognition of FRP as a building material in infrastructure. FRP is now a recognized building material in bridge construction & infrastructure. FiberCore bridges with InfraCore® Inside are built to fit within the Eurocode and the CUR 96: 2019; the European standards for safe construction. The bridges are sustainable, maintenance-free and suitable for a circular economy; they are completely & easily repositionable. And that’s not a bad idea, with bridges that last more than 100 years. #Infrastructure of the future. Proudly brought to the Nations of Oceania by Sustainable Infrastructure Systems


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